Poppy is a story about a female mouse named Poppy who loses her boyfriend to an evil owl called Mr. Ocax. Poppy meets and befriends a porcupine named Ereth who is very cynical. He agrees to help Poppy get rid of Mr. Ocax and he provides her protection. Then Poppy tries to kill Mr. Ocax to seek revenge and eventually succeeds. Also She escaped from Mr.Ocax wich no mouse has ever done. And she dieceded to go to New House wich they need for food. Then she kills Ocax and gets married to Rye and brings the whole family to New House


Poppy Gender - Female
Profession/status: - unemployed
Age: - 15(Book 1) 21(Book 2) 22(Book 3) 31(Book 3) 40(Book 5)
Is this an ordinary person caught up in events? Yes
Ethnicity/Nationality - White (American)
How sensitive is this character? - sensitive to others